Risk Management Services

Our professional and technically proficient staff has experience in many industries including construction,
technology, manufacturing, gaming, restaurant, transportation, non-profit, public sector and more.

Our staff provides timely information to assist you in your efforts to comply with
OSHA, MSHA, DOT, FAA, Life Safety Code, NEC, Workplace Violence Prevention
and EPA compliance mandates.

The compliance burden on all companies is onerous, we are here to assist you with this task and reduce both your liability and accident rates. Determining your risk tolerance will help us to write your safety manual, provide appropriate safety assistance visits, conduct applicable safety training and manage employee injuries. These are all part of the services provided by the Risk Management department to your company.

Basically, the ultimate responsibility for insurance coverage, regulatory matters and safety management remain in the hands of the client company. Many companies find this preferable because they retain control and can still be very hands-on without having to handle mundane details on a daily basis.

Services Available:

  • Employee Safety Assessment
  • Public Safety Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance Risk Determination
  • Written Program Review and Revise
  • Training Program Review and Revise
  • Handle Claims with Insurance Carriers
  • Manage DOT files (DQ, Maintenance, Etc.)
  • Review Environmental Compliance
  • Assess NEC and Life Safety Code Compliance