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Any company! As a business owner, you want and need to focus your time and energy on the “business of taking care of business” vs. the business of dealing with employment issues.” As your company grows, most owners don’t have the required payroll and accounting knowledge, human resource and human capital management know-how, regulatory compliance understanding, or experience in employee benefit and insurance programs, risk management, that meet the legal stresses of being an employer. 

PEOs give businesses access to many benefits and employment amenities they would not have otherwise. A PEO, like what ManagedPAY offers, provides comprehensive web-based HR technologies and expertise in HR management – benefitting businesses large and small. PEOs can join forces with companies of 500+ employees and work in unison with their current human resources department.  

PEO clients include a wide array of business and industries, including attorneys, financial services, accounting firms, property management, healthcare and doctors, show production, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, retailers, restaurants, trucking, mining, aviation, ranching, agriculture, high-tech companies, mechanics, engineers and more. 

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