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Time and Labor – Adaptive Employee Experience

Everything You Need for Time and Labor Management, Delivered in the Cloud
Employers with 5-1,000+ Employees

The isolved Time and Labor technology is the nerve center of your time and attendance system. It’s an optional component that provides you a feature-laden time-tracking application all from the same access point as your payroll, HR and benefits. Collect, manage and process your time right through isolved. Eliminate buddy punching and time theft.

The new app, Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE), is designed to improve and simplify employee functions whether working remotely or in the office. It’s the perfect option for the growing shift toward the hybrid workplace. AEE is accessible on any device whether phones, tablets or computers.

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You Get All the Benefits of the Payroll Processing Package, plus the following:

  • WEB punch hours entry
  • Biometric hardware punch options
  • AEE mobile app
  • Employee self-serve time-off request options with manager/supervisor approval options
  • Labor allocations
  • Flexible meal and break policies
  • Holiday management
  • Overtime management
  • Premium pay
  • Time rounding rules
  • Error monitoring through alerts – In Early, In Late, Late Lunch, Long Break and more
  • Shift programming options
  • Custom time and labor report writer
  • Wage and Hour compliance consultation
    • Our team of wage and hour experts are available to answer questions regarding exempt vs. non-exempt employee status, compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state-mandated overtime rules

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