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iSolved - Human Capital Management
The HR and Payroll Platform that Does it All, Anytime, Anywhere

Everything you do, from processing time and attendance, to working on payroll, administering benefits and human resources is time-consuming and demanding. Today, these essential concerns are known as Human Capital Management (HCM) and can all be managed with one solution

iSolved is a cloud-based HCM technology that gives you complete control over everything, from hiring through retiring in one single SaaS technology database. All of your core HR functionality is accessible anywhere, anytime in a completely secure environment. You have a single point of entry to access all your data from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

You’ll get Payroll Processing, Tax and Regulatory Compliance, Benefits Enrollment, Time and Labor and Human Resources Management – in one safe and secure place. All of your important, commonly needed, mission-critical employee data at your fingertips.

Benefits of a SaaS Solution

  • Single database for payroll, HR, time and benefit administration
  • Produce more work with less staff
  • Automate procedures
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Stay current and compliant with ever-changing regulations
  • Avoid costly penalties
  • Build reports you need to make critical decisions

Ease of Use

  • Single log-in
  • Manager self-service
  • Executive dashboard
  • New hire wizard
  • Employee self-service
  • Report writer
  • Employee data is supplied to all functions

Stay on Top of Trends and Make Informed Decisions with the iSolved Executive Dashboard

The iSolved Executive Dashboard is designed to provide high-level information and statistics in simple, user-friendly graphs and charts. Executives and supervisors will be able to instantly view data needed to make financial and compliance decisions. You can also drill down by department or filter by date range. You can view headcounts, financial snapshots, demographics analyses, analyze overtime, hiring trends and much more – in just a few clicks. 

Transform the Way You Collect, Manage and Process Your Employee Time with

iSolved Time is a complete, cloud-based time and attendance system that can be used all on its own or as part of the complete human capital management solution, with human resources, payroll and benefits enrollment. This robust program replaces tedious time-tracking procedures and eliminates manual collection of information needed for payroll.

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