Good Words from Good Clients

Airtec Gases, LLC

Airtec Gases, LLC is the only locally owned and operated medical gas supplier in Southern Nevada. Providing medical gases is our FIRST and only priority. We strive to serve our first responders; medical, dental and veterinary professionals to the highest of standards. After all they are taking care of our community. Because our customer service standards are so high, we truly appreciate when we receive the same level of service from our vendors. ManagedPAY has delivered excellent service from day one.

They have provided us with the confidence that our payroll and HR needs are met so we may focus on expanding our services to Northern Nevada.

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Carey R. Grohs, Owner; Charles E. Grohs, Owner; Maury K. Anderson, Owner

Nevada Bankers Association

The Nevada Bankers Association serves as the united voice of Nevada’s banking industry. Our members are dedicated to providing the best financial resources to drive economic growth and job creation in our state, while the NBA works to remove barriers and create an environment for growth. Our partnership with ManagedPAY allows us to focus maximum time and resources on these efforts.

Our team and our Board of Directors trust their integrity, commitment and expertise. ManagedPAY helps companies focus on growing their businesses. They are a perfect partner with NBA and reinforce our motto of “Investing in Nevada Together.”

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Phyllis Gurgevich, Executive Director

Kids Turf Academy

My family and I have owned and operated Kids Turf Academy for over 18 years, providing child care for children from infancy through 12 years of age. We know your children are priceless and deserve the best of care. That’s why I am happy to say that for many of those years, ManagedPAY has been handling our payroll, human resources, and group health insurance

— freeing me to concentrate on running my business. I would tell any business owner to do the same and let ManagedPAY handle your employee needs and you will not regret it. You will receive a lot more than your money’s worth.

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Connie Harris, Owner

Wineman Dental

After serving 22 years as a US Army dentist, I retired and started my private practice in Henderson. I set out to differentiate Wineman Dental by delivering exceptional customer service – educating my patients on their treatment options, and delivering that treatment with a sense of humor in a non-threatening environment. ManagedPAY has served as my HR department since day one.

It is a family-owned and operated business that I trust. ManagedPAY provides web-based portals for time keeping and payroll, quickly researches and answers my complex labor and tax-law-related questions, and allows me to concentrate on taking care of my patients. These are but a few reasons why I will definitely remain a client for life.

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Jospeh A. Wineman, DMD, ABGD

Town & Country Bank

Town & Country is a local community bank that takes pride in supporting Las Vegas-based businesses; providing expert customer service that exceeds expectations and makes banking an enjoyable experience. Our customers find our approach a refreshing change of pace. ManagedPAY operates in much the same way.

They are locally-owned and provide the same hands-on service as Town & Country Bank; bringing the same level of trust, commitment and outstanding personal service to businesses as Town & Country. That is why we have been a ManagedPAY client for more than a decade.

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Darrel Small, President & CEO

Precision Chem Dry

My wife and I have owned and operated Precision Chem Dry for over 20 years. We are very careful about whom we let into our clients’ homes, and equally as careful in choosing who we do business with and who we recommend. We have been with ManagedPAY for 5 years.

They have helped simplify my payroll and Human Resources needs. With their training, periodic site inspections and employee advice, they have lifted much of the burden of the many responsibilities that come with running a small business. I highly recommend ManagedPAY.

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Adam and Annie Dowd, Owners

Cornerstone Merchant Services, Inc.

Cornerstone serves the Las Vegas business community with merchant accounts, and we have a high standard for our accounting and HR needs. This is why we have been using locally based ManagedPAY for over 5 years, and it has been a very productive 5 years.

They have saved us countless man hours in doing payroll, quarterly and yearly employment-related filings, and keeping our company up-to-date on changes in federal and state compliance. Their customer service is outstanding; they are always there when we need them. ManagedPAY goes the extra mile to keep us informed on HR issues, and they do a lot to give back to our community.

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Chuck Ley, President/CEO

Interstate Security Services, Inc.

Interstate Security Services is the largest local quality security provider in Las Vegas, with the most effective updated technology. Our security officers are unmatched for accountability, training and appearance. To us, our clients are a big fish in a small pond — not a small fish in a big pond. ManagedPAY shares our standards.

They resolved our payroll issues with a time and attendance program targeting specific cost centers, enabling us to control cost and identify profit centers. They ensure our compliance with new regulations and tax laws, providing professional customer service that eases the load on our staff. They always work with us as a team to make it happen.

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Gary S. Newcomer, President/CEO

Caldera Wealth Management Group

ManagedPAY simply makes life easier. They model excellence in customer service, while providing solutions and the convenience of an HR department.

As a financial planner, I recognize the importance of helping our clients transfer the complexity of payroll, comply with tax changes, and manage employee benefits. I have been a ManagedPAY client for 10 years. They have the winning plan; I call it dollars and sense.

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Joseph Caldera, AAMS CRPS

Valley Bank of Nevada

As a Community Bank, we look for partners who share our philosophy of service, integrity and commitment to success. ManagedPAY has been our trusted partner for payroll since day one.

Banking, like business, is about relationships. We’re grateful that ManagedPAY continues to grow with us as we branch out to serve the Southern Nevada community.

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James York, President


All of our payroll needs are met by ManagedPAY so we can focus more on sizzling fajitas, frosty beer mugs, and salted margarita glasses. We trust ManagedPAY…period.

They keep Ricardo’s in compliance, which helps us stay out of the office and IN the restaurant with our guests!

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The Ansara Family

Desert Perinatal Associates

Providing unparalleled care and compassion to our patients is our number one priority at Desert Perinatal Associates. Thanks to ManagedPAY, handling our Payroll and HR responsibilities

we have more time to focus on providing the best possible experience for each and every patient that walks through our door!

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Janel McDonald, Practice Administrator

Sunset Transportation

From customized orientations to covering regulatory paperwork, ManagedPAY ensures we remain in compliance.

One phone call was all it took to answer the question to OSHA’s satisfaction. Once again, ManagedPAY saved the day.

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Al Fisher

Estiatorio Milos

It’s a simple formula…thanks to the first-rate customer service provided by ManagedPAY’s team of professionals and their fresh approach

to overseeing Estiatorio Milo’s HR and Payroll multi-state demands, we can focus on Getting Back to Business by serving our customers an authentic, Greek dining experience made with fresh, first-rate ingredients. A recipe for success!

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The Spiliadis Family

Sky Combat Ace

Sky Combat Ace is the most advanced adrenaline rush you can find in the world, let alone Las Vegas. Guided by one of our expert aerobatic pilots, we allow our customers to take the controls of a 330-horsepower, carbon-fiber Extra 330LC and execute aerial maneuvers only seen performed in air shows. Thanks to the HR experts at ManagedPAY handling our payroll needs, we have more time

to assist our customers in checking Sky Combat Ace off of their bucket lists.

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Richard "Tex" Coe, President

Air Design Systems Nevada

Over the past nine years, ManagedPAY has done an outstanding job making sure that our company’s needs are always met. Their network of expertise is invaluable for a small business.

From covering all the legal issues inherent in Human Resources to performing work site safety inspections and trainings, ManagedPAY keeps us out of harm’s way.

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Rosa Frichtel, Controller